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Ferrari Tests 2014 Turbo V6 F1 Engine In LaFerrari Chassis; Everyone Wins

Well, except naturally aspirated F1 engine fans.

Come next year, Formula One will be ditching its naturally-aspirated V8 engines and moving to turbocharged V6s. As you well know. As a result, F1's engine manufacturers are already hard at work developing these new engines. As you'd expect. But how do you road test a prototype F1 engine if you don't have a handy test bed car? Well, if you're Ferrari, you stick it in an old LaFerrari mule and give car nerds everywhere a joygasm.

Seen here testing at Fiorano, this turbo V6-powered LaFerrari mule sounds like a sweet little bit of race car heaven. Granted, it looks kind of weird with that big air scoop behind the cockpit, but hey, them's the breaks when you're testing an F1 engine in a street car. Five bucks says you'll see this car on the autcion block in 20 years for a multimillion dollar price.

[via YouTube]

  • Logan Tanner says:
    December 2, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    So awesome. I cannot wait for the new season.

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