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This BMW M5 Driver Is Straight Outta Ronin

Driving through Georgia like DeNiro's on his tail.

When most people think of chase scenes and the movie Ronin, they usually think of the scene involving a D2 Audi S8 tearing through the south of France. Which is in awesome scene. But equally awesome is the scene where Jean Reno and Robert DeNiro drive a Peugeot in hot pursuit of the bad guys in their BMW M5.

That scene, though, had the benefits of John Frankenheimer direction and the permission of the local government (we assume). This Georgian BMW driver, however, does not have permission. Nor stunt drivers in the other vehicles. He's just driving like a goddamn maniac. (And according to the uploader comments, he just had his license yanked on account of this video, so hey, maybe there's a God after all.)

[via YouTube]


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