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This Is A Dog Driving A Car.

And now for something completely different.

Remember that old David Letterman segment, "Stupid Pet Tricks"? Well, the SPCA of New Zealand has trained three dogs to perform what's either the most amazing Stupid Pet Trick or the stupidest Amazing Pet Trick of all time: driving.

Now, before you run out and start training your pup how to drive your 370Z so you can sleep on the way to work, be warned of the caveats: the SPCA only managed to get the dogs to drive at about three miles an hour, while someone walked in front of the car coaching the dog. (Also, it looks like they rigged up some sort of extension on the throttle pedal so it could be hand—er, front paw—operated.) But who cares? It's a dog driving a car. This is Viral Videos 101 done perfectly.

[via The Driving Dogs]


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