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AMG And The SLS GT3 Wish You A Merry Christmas

May your nights be delicious and high-octane.

Everybody has a different way of celebrating Christmastime. Here at 0-60, our traditional celebration usually involves drifting in the snow, chugging massive quantities of single malt scotch and vodka-laced whipped cream (after the driving!), putting on Bon Jovi's 1994 greatest hits album Cross Road and belting along for the first five or six songs before losing interest, calling up our high school crush and drunkenly making a fool of ourselves on the phone for fifteen or twenty minutes, masturbating ourselves raw while looking at picture of said crush in the old high school yearbook, then eating half a package of Oreo Double Stuf cookies, watching a couple episodes of Seinfeld, and falling asleep at around 2:30am. But that's just us.

At AMG, though, Christmastime is a time for brilliant engineers to leverage their technical knowledge for seasonal ends—but as the video shows, it's a task they treat just as seriously as they do developing cars for the road and track. Or, it could just be a surprisingly amusing and cutesy commercial. Either way, we like it. Now if you'll excuse us, there's a Macallan-and-whipped cocktail calling our names.

[via Mercedes-AMG on YouTube]


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