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Epic Rally Crash Ends With The World's Greatest Parking Job (w/Video)

Juho Hänninen parks his Skoda like a boss.

If you, like us, have been keeping a Bookmarks folder full of links to videos of the best rally crashes and screw-ups, get ready to add another URL to the collection. Juho Hänninen's IRC Rallye Sanremo crash is one for the ages.

0-60 cars skoda-irc-rally-crash-roof

During a night stage at Rallye Sanremo, Hänninen lost control of his Skoda Fabia rally car, slid clean off the road and tumbled ass-over-teakettle before finally landing upright...on the roof of an Italian shed. Which, ironically enough, may have actually been a garage. The picture you see here of the aftermath is pretty outrageous, but not nearly as nutso as the footage from the crash.

[via YouTube, Top Gear]


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