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Vaughn Gitten Jr. Drifts His Ford Mustang Around Other Ford Mustangs (w/Video)

A good YouTube clip is worth a few thousand dollars in damage.

We're big fans of both Vaughn Gitten Jr. and the Ford Mustang—and when you put 'em together, you get a special kind of magic. It was the motivation behind our April/May 2009 cover story, and it's the motivation behind Ford Racing's new video.

For the clip, the Ford guys gave Gitten (and his Mustang RTR drift car) full reign of the outdoor testing facilities at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant where they've built every Mustang since 2004, and let him go to town. We're gonna assume most of those moving Mustangs he drifts around were piloted by stunt drivers who had an idea what they were doing...but then again, given the flank scraping Gitten inflicts on an innocent new Mustang along the way, that may not be the best assumption. Check it out below.

[via Ford Racing on YouTube]


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