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A Porsche 962 Is This Guy's Daily Driver (w/Video)

Holy awesome, Batman.

Every car lover has dreamed about driving a race car on the street, but for most of us, it's just a fantasy. For one Japanese man, though, every day behind the wheel is a dream come true—because his daily driver is a Group C Porsche 962.

Granted, dailying a 962 comes with its share of difficulties—backing up is kind of a bitch, parking spaces are hard to find, and the performance limits all but inaccessible on ordinary roads—but these are the same sort of problems your average Lamborghini driver has to deal with. And he or she doesn't get the exclusivity that comes with being one of three (at most) 962Cs being driven in an entire country.

Check out MotorHEAD's video profile of this lucky Porsche 962 driver below—it's a cool little video, and definitely worth eight minutes out of your day.

[via Vimeo]


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