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See Just How Fun The Porsche Cayman R Can Be (w/Video)

Grip or slip? It's all up to you.

Porsche may literally have worked magic in order to make the rear-engined 911 perform as well as it does today, but while they've bent the laws of physics, even they can't break them. All other things being equal, a mid-engined car will handle better than one with the motor slung out on top of the back axle.

So even though Porsche will probably never give the Boxster or Cayman enough power to humiliate the 911, the natural characteristics of the mid-mounted engine make the Boxster/Cayman duo quite easy to love—especially in lightened, strengthened Cayman R form. Watch it dance around the track for a while? Well, since we don't have one in the office right now, don't mind if we do.

[via YouTube]


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