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Lamborghini Underground Garage

Because above ground garages are so 20th century.

Story: David Meierfeld

As if the McLaren in the garage and four Lamborghini's in the driveway (literally) weren't enough to make your neighbors jealous. This frivolous spender decided he could one-up the most car crazed enthusiasts in an 1,000 mile radius.

Where most would build a dream garage allowing them to ogle their achievements over a cup of gourmet coffee, it would be too plain-Jane to post in the local Lamborghini forums. So the owner of this Italian Batcave installed a raising driveway to keep his prized possessions safe from the elements (except gophers). But with a multi-million dollar car collection and a driveway rivaling that of James Bond, we can only assume his daily driver is a Bugatti Veyron that is hidden behind a revolving bookcase, right?

[Via YouTube]


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