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Lady & The Chump

I ran my mouth against Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s driving skills. Then, his girlfriend showed up and kicked my ass—at drifting.

As you probably know, there's a section that we run on a fairly regular basis in the mag called Wager. The premise is pretty straightforward. Someone bets another member of the staff that they can do something better than the other—assuming that it's automotive related, otherwise there'd be wagers going down every day and nothing would get done here. Previously there was a timed race through NYC traffic between a bike and a Smart Car, a contest to see who could achieve the worst gas mileage out of a hybrid in one lap of Manhattan and a race around the island of Manhattan between a CTS-V and a SeaDoo.

Now, these all sound fun—and they were—but there's a disturbing pattern that has developed. I've participated in the last two wagers (hybrid MPGs and car vs. watercraft) and managed to lose both. Badly. Unfortunately, when I decided to talk trash against Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his drift ability (I may have said that I could get within 8/10ths of what he does with only a car, some tires and an empty parking lot to practice), that prompted everyone in the office to declare bullshit and relay the message to Vaughn. The result? Vaughn bet that there was no way I could come close to him with only one day of work behind the wheel. In fact, he was so confident in the fact that what he does isn't easy, he bet me that his girlfriend, Abigail Baker, could whoop my ass drifting. Turns out she may have owned a 240 at some point in her life and may have had a smidgen of experience. Oh yeah, and she lives with a professional drifter. But I'm sure those things didn't factor in, right?

Either way, the wager was made. Vaughn supplied the car—his personal 2010 Mustang RTR—and he also scored us some tires to play with courtesy of Falken. Did I mention that Jr. also supplied the judging? Because he did. And I'm not implying that it was biased, but I'm sure Abby winning made for a more pleasant ride back to Maryland than if I had won. Just sayin'! Anyway, we knew this would make for some good video, so we documented the whole afternoon. Check it out below and watch as I have whatever pride and dignity I had left at this point in my life stripped away.


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