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Foust Drifts Mulholland

Video of Foust drifting a two-mile section of Mulholland in his 650hp NASCAR powered Scion. It's awesome.

Have you ever heard of the Mulholland Maniacs? If not, check that link. If you have, Tanner Foust is basically allowed to hit a two-mile stretch of Mulholland, affectionately known as "The Snake", and do as he pleases, drifting the 650hp NASCAR powered Scion V8 with unlimited (controlled) reckless abandon. The local police along with a decent sized crew helped shut down the road long enough for Foust to make an unrehearsed, and clean run through the hills of Mulholland.

This is going to be a reoccurring series with Foust, though we're not exactly sure what other challenges await but the same team who helped developed Ken Block's Top Gear segment is on board, and that can't be a bad thing.

Press blast below.

PRESS BLAST TANNER FOUST ACCOMPLISHES SPECTACULAR MULLHOLLAND HIGHWAY DRIFT The first video in an exciting new series from Tanner Foust premieres March 17th 03.16.2010 – The first video in an exciting new series from stunt and race driver Tanner Foust and Media SFG will premiere online on Wednesday, March 17th to anxious auto enthusiasts and drift fans alike. UNPRECEDENTED PRODUCTION In this four-minute short film, Foust puts his NASCAR-V8 650 horsepower Scion TC Drift car through its paces resulting in an incredible documentation of his skills and the car’s performance on the legendary Mulholland Drive. The section of Mulholland Drive featured in the video is notorious for its sharp curves, elevation changes and steep drop-offs. Special care was taken in the video production to allow viewers an up-close experience with the raw engine sounds and smoky drifts. The road was closed for filming with the co-operation of California Highway Patrol. “This was a properly controlled set with all the safety precautions taken in a Hollywood movie" said Foust. "I do this for a living - please don't try this at home." THE SERIES BEGINS Tanner Foust Street Drift: Mulholland, will launch through selected sites and at http://www.youtube.com/user/tannerfoustracing on Wednesday, March17th at 9:00AM PDT. The short film is the first project for production company Media SFG, a collaboration between director Ryan Senter and Foust. "We wanted to create something authentic," said Foust. "I finally got to close down one of my favorite roads and unleash the Rockstar Scion Drift car on it!” said Foust. Senter is the creative visionary responsible for Ken Block's wildly popular U.S. Top Gear segment. "There's a long history of cult car videos and we're adding one to the list," said Senter. "There will be more," said Senter. "Watch this space."


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