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BY: Bix

Congratulations, Cubans! Now You Can Buy New Cars!

Ditch those old clunkers, and pick up one of the recommendations in this article.


It's been 52 years in the waiting, but as of last Saturday, Cubans once again have the ability to own their very own cars. Up until this point, only cars manufactured and brought to the country prior to Fidel Castro's 1959 Communist revolution were available for purchase (with the exception of some Soviet-made iron for VIPs in with the government), leaving Cuba resembling the set of a low-budget Miami-based remake of Back To The Future.

The government's automotive reforms are obviously a positive for all Cubans, but they're especially great for Cuban car lovers, who've been forced to lust over the last half-century of automotive progress from afar. So we've put together a brief hit list of twelve cars we suggest Cuban enthusiasts should try and pick up before the die (or before Fidel does, but we're pretty sure he's immortal). We've also included an estimate of how long it'll take the average Cuban to save up for each car, given that the typical resident of Cuba makes about $18 a month. (But hey, free health care!)

October 04, 2011 at 02:08 PM