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BY: Bix

SEMA 2012, Day One: Good Lord, How Is This Only Day One

It feels like Day Seven already.

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  • DNI_0-60-sema-497
  • DSC_0241
    There are Aventadors all over this place.
  • DSC_0225
  • DSC_0235
    Ever heard of a Lucra? We hadn't, either.
  • DSC_0233
    But now we want one.
  • DSC_0206
    Matte blue E39 wagon FTW.
  • DSC_0254
    Fiskers for days.
  • DSC_0222
    Beer truck? Yes please.
  • DSC_0080
    Guns N' Roses held a press conference outside our hotel, announcing their monthlong residency. Although Axl never showed. We're not sure if you can really call it a Guns N' Roses press conference if no original members of the band show up.
  • DSC_0192
    The great-great-great-great-grandfather of the machine that will someday hunt down your mother in 1981.
  • DSC_0182
  • DSC_0165
  • DSC_0137
    Yep, that thing's got a Viper V10. Go Mopar.
  • DSC_0197
    It's up there so nobody can steal it.
  • DSC_0115
    Senior Editor Jonathan Millstein is ten inches tall.
  • DSC_0060
    Ford booth is rich in Mustangs.
  • DSC_0049
    Ride it straight to hell!
  • DSC_0050
    Hot rod bass x3.
  • DSC_0267
    Chop that body kit off.
  • DSC_0140
    Yes. Quite.
  • DSC_0266
    Yes please.
  • DSC_0264
    Also yes.
  • DSC_0059
  • #DSC_0235
  • DSC_0148
    Fatlace, fat body.
  • DSC_0039
    We stole this car seconds later.
  • #DSC_0137
  • DSC_0109
    A TV show you probably don't watch is filming here! Hooray!
  • DSC_0108
    Kinda hot in these rhinos.
  • DSC_0074
    Gray M5? Yes.
  • DSC_0062
    New and old.
  • DSC_0052
  • #DSC_0050
  • DSC_0040
    So many Hyundais.
  • DSC_0090
    Full moon for the Wynn.

It may only be the first day of our annual trip to the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, but damn it, it feels like we’ve been here a week already. (more…)

October 30, 2012 at 09:19 PM