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Do Want: Street-Legal 2005 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

Bringing you our results of countless hours spent on eBay and forum classifieds.

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In less than a month, Ferrari will pull an Egyptian linen 800-thread-count cover off the brand latest and possibly greatest supercar—the vehicle they’re calling development project F150 for now, but we prefer to call it the Italian Jesus Supercar. It’s expected to make a maximum output of around 950 horsepower, thanks to the unholy union of a naturally aspirated V12 and a KERS-inspired electric motor/battery setup, and will likely sell for at least $1.5 million.

Even if you win the Powerball tomorrow, though, you ain’t likely to get one. Word on the streets (by which we mean the Ferrari owner’s forums) is that Ferrari will only be inviting people who’ve bought at least five Ferraris from the factory and who still own at least five Ferraris—and that’s the least-stringent requirement to get on the owner’s list. (Oh, and don’t expect one of those guys who do get one to turn around and sell it at double the price; we’re betting Ferrari will force Italian Jesus Supercar buyers to give the carmaker first-right-of-refusal if the owner want to sell it, at least for the first couple years.)

But don’t get yourself too worked up. There are alternatives—like this gorgeous 2005 Ferrari FXX. Not only has it been converted to Evoluzione trim—which means the V12 has been bumped to 850 horsepower and the shift time reduced to 0.06 seconds—but it’s also been made street-legal. Now, the car’s on sale in the United Kingdom, which means we assume it’s street-legal in Europe—which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legal on American roads. But if you have the money to drop on this sort of car, we’re sure you could hire a lawyer to find a loophole in DOT laws big enough to drive one Ferrari through. Or, alternately, buy a house in Europe where you could keep your not-street-legal-in-America cars like this one. The price isn’t listed, but hey, what price is too much to own the only know street-legal Ferrari FXX Evoluzione? [via Joe Macari Performance Cars London]


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