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2010 L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge Gallery

The cars of never...today!

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  • cars-la-auto-show-design-challenge-volvo
    Volvo Air Motion Canyon Carver
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The Air Motion's compressed air engine can be refueled using air replenshment sites, which are powered by turbines floating 1,000 feet up.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-maybach
    Maybach DRS
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The DRS, which stands for “Den-Riki-Sha” (electric-powered rickshaw), is born from a cocoon tailored to its DNA. Also, its batteries can be recharged by pedals at the driver's feet.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-honda
    Honda Air
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: Inspired by the design of roller coasters, the Air is powered by a self-regenerating compressed-air pneumatic propulsion system. As it drives, air is forced back into the car's tank, which is also the chassis. Considering the other entries, a pretty realistic vehicle.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-mercedes-benz
    Mercedes-Benz Biome
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The bat-shit bizarre Biome aims to literally be part of the environment. Using a process called Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis, the car grows its own fuel, called BioNectar4534, using photosynthetic body panels; it can also get fuel from trees with receptors designed to convert excess nutrients into BioNectar. The car is grown from a pair of seeds in the Nursery; the customer's options and requests are programmed into the car's DNA, which is placed in the three-pointed star emblem; the front and rear emblems then fertilize their respective seeds, which grow together into a car. The seed material is lighter than composites, but stronger than steel. The only pollutant? Oxygen.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-cadillac
    Cadillac Aera
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The Aera's monoformed frame is built out of interconnected polyhedral bubbles made of an unspecified alloy, while flexible pressurized air cells in the car's skin provide crash protection and comfort. The car's pneumatic powertrain holds enough air in a 10,000 psi storage tank for a 1,000 mile range.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-nissan
    Nissan iV
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The iV (like poison ivy, get it?) is made using "organic synthetics," its chassis is made of genetically modified ivy grown into the car's shape and reinforced with spider silk. It also uses a mag-lev suspension, a supercapacitator that recaptures 60 percent of the car's kinetic energy and something called the "pro-active Safety Shield™" that eliminates the need for heavy, crash-protecting structures. The predicted on-sale date of this nearly-impossible car? 2035.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-mazda
    Mazda MX-0
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The Zero (ooh...maybe not the best name for a Japanese car...especially one with the tagline, "It's more like flying than driving") is aimed at the world of 2020; in the interceding decade, Mazda engineers discover how to whittle away more than 1,300 pounds from the Miata by replacing parts with lighter, more versatile versions. Electric motors and a high power-to-weight ratio mean the Zero keeps the zoom-zoom.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-toyota
    Toyota Nori
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: Made from a hybrid seaweed/carbon fiber material, the monocoque Nori is grown in seaside factories. Solar cells are embedded in the car's skin to provide supplemental power. The car's colors can be altered with the touch of a button that sends a current through the car's skin; additional body panels (such as wheel covers) can be added on in order to personalize the car or comply with government regulations.
  • cars-la-design-challenge-smart
    Smart 454 WWT
    This Car's Use of Crazy Sci-Fi: The chassis is knit out of carbon fiber by robots "that look as friendly and cuddly as our grandmothers." The doors, roof, engine and wheels are easily removable, allowing you to customize the car for whatever occasion—crate motor for Saturday night, superefficient engine for Monday's commute. Also, the rear end is apparently designed to scare the shit out of anyone with coulrophobia.

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