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Risi Racing Photo Gallery

Behind the scenes with North America's top Ferrari GT team.

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  • DSC_7117
    Dialing in the car during the morning practice session.
  • DSC_7118
    Checking brake temperatures.
  • DSC_7128
    Risi Comp.
  • DSC_7130
    Risi drivers Mika Salo and Pierre Kaffer discuss car setup and strategy.
  • DSC_7132
    The Risi pit box with telemetry readings and team radios.
  • DSC_7144
    Risi spare parts.
  • DSC_7147
    Detail shot of the front brakes and ducting.
  • DSC_7148
    Mika Salo and PIerre Kaffer go over some last minute driver change proceedures.
  • DSC_7153
    Risi driver Gianmaria Bruni's helmet with full HANS Device, radio and hydration tubes.
  • DSC_7158
    A Risi engineer hard at work inside one of the team's two race trailers.
  • DSC_7159
    Driver staging area inside the other of the two race trailers.
  • DSC_7161
    A closer look at the work bench.
  • DSC_7165
    Both cars undergoing last minute preparations before the race.
  • DSC_7166
    Close up of the number 61 car without the front bumper cover.
  • DSC_7170
    Close up of the engine bay. The engine actually makes fewer HP than the street variant due to ALMS restrictions; however, notice the larger airbox which helps to keep more volume in the box itself. Only the heads and the block are retained from the street engine.
  • DSC_7173
    Last minute work on the drivetrain before she's sent out on the track.
  • DSC_7189
    A look into the cockpit of the 61 car.
  • DSC_7192
    Re-branded Volvo Trailers.
  • DSC_7194
  • DSC_7196
    Risi team gearing up for a pit stop.
  • DSC_7257
  • DNIDSC_7117-715x474

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