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X Games 16 Rally Gallery

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  • DNI
  • x-games-pano
    Panoramic of an empty L.A. Coliseum before Rally practice.
  • IMG_8135
    0-60 STI X Games Rally Car
    Chris Duplessis chillin' before Rally practice.
  • IMG_8177
    First Practice
    Duplessis dropping into the Coliseum in his prepped STI.
  • IMG_8181
    Exploring the Course
  • IMG_8186
    Next to the BMX/Skateboard Big Air Ramp
  • IMG_8212
  • IMG_8216
    Jump Heading Out of L.A. Coliseum
  • IMG_8241
    Ken Block approaching the right turn before the tunnel. This turn gave many racers problems. See next pic.
  • IMG_8282
    Tanner Foust approaching way to hot...
  • IMG_8286
    Foust ended up paying for it by losing the rear bumper, though he'd make up for it later by winning both Rally and Super Rally.
  • IMG_8315
    Pastrana Practicing
    Travis Pastrana being a maniac as always.
  • IMG_8437
    Prepping for the start of the Rally events.
  • IMG_8498
    Duplessis VS Mirra in the first heat
    Duplessis actually qualified higher than Mirra but because of bad planning on the part of the course designers they literally had to change the layout minutes before the first race. Both Mirra and Duplessis had to go first, trying to figure out the course on a moments notice.Unfortunately, Duplessis got a red flag after a wrong turn ending his chance for X Games' gold.
  • IMG_8514
    And they're off!
    Starting off with a massive drop off into a tight hairpin uphill.
  • IMG_8520
    Neck and neck
  • IMG_8563
    Don't be greedy
    Approaching the jump: The speed for perfectly clearing the jump, while not overshooting, was a relatively calm 37 mph, though others took it wayyyy faster, making things interesting for their mechanics.
  • IMG_8565
    The Air Up There
  • IMG_8566
  • IMG_8576
    Brian Deegan and Ken Block
    Block raced the course super aggressive.
  • IMG_8603
    Rough Landing
    Block overshoots the landing by a few yards.
  • IMG_8607
    Evidence of dirt>front bumper
  • IMG_8612
  • IMG_8615
    Flawed Design
    Due to the course design, the real action wasn't until they both closed in on the jump.
  • IMG_8616
  • IMG_8621
  • IMG_8636
  • IMG_8638
    Evidence of a poorly executed course design: almost a head-on collision.
  • IMG_8728
  • IMG_9040
    Super Rally
    Super Rally was where the fun was at. Four cars, a jump and mayhem in a stadium made this the event to stick around for.
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  • IMG_9135
  • IMG_9138
  • IMG_9155
  • IMG_9199
  • IMG_9281
  • IMG_9295
  • IMG_9318
  • Brando says:
    August 19, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    There wasn't near enough water on the track. I've seen Iraqi sandstorms with less dust. All in all I enjoyed this years Rally, but I think the old venue is a better fit.

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