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BY: Bix

A Card for Motor Nerds

Movable sculpture/greeting cards replicate radial engine action.

Email is boring. Efficient, sure. Free, yeah. But exciting? Not one bit. When we receive snail mail, by contrast, it still gives us a little version of the old Christmas-gift thrill. (more…)
October 15, 2010 at 05:29 PM
BY: Bix

The 50 Greatest Race Car Liveries. Ever.

Complex brings us a slideshow of chromatic car porn.

Generic paint schemes may hold dominion over the street car world (the current ten-year-color-champ: silver!), but for race cars, having a distinctive paint job (or livery, as it's known) can mean the difference between being recognized by fans and blurring into an anonymous smear of high-velocity color. (more…)
October 15, 2010 at 04:32 PM
BY: Bix

Ford Focus ST Likes It Eerie

Watch the car drive to a spooky soundtrack. (w/video)

Ford has released some footage of the new Focus ST cruising along, giving us a chance to see the car in motion for the first time. (more…)
October 15, 2010 at 04:20 PM
BY: Bix

Getting Intimate with the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

Owner offers a multi-part look at the bespoke race car. (w/video)

Jay Leno may score all the press, but for our money, James Glickenhaus is the Most Interesting Man Car Guy In The World. (more…)
October 15, 2010 at 03:05 PM
BY: Bix

Ken Block Gymkhanas AJ Allmendinger

Ford's NASCAR versus WRC battle continues. (w/video)

While we enjoyed the slideways action of the first of Ford's Ken Block-versus-AJ Allmendinger videos for Ford's 43 Fiestas ad campaign, the latest installment adds on plenty of sweet, sweet tire smoke. (more…)
October 15, 2010 at 01:56 PM
BY: Bix

Aston Martin Clears Up Dirty Shirley Mystery

The whole thing turns out to be a very awkward misunderstanding.

So remember earlier this week, when we heard from Motor Trend that three people at Aston Martin were fired after someone wrote on a One-77? Well, we've just heard from Aston themselves, and they gave us the straight dope on what happened. (more…)
October 15, 2010 at 12:32 PM
BY: Bix

BMW to Build X4, X4M

Because, hey, they'll sell every one they can build.

In case you still can't find the right vehicle for you in the BMW lineup, the car maker is reportedly planning on adding a second "Sports Activity Coupe" to their lineup based on the X3. (more…)
October 14, 2010 at 07:20 PM
BY: Bix

Do Want: Bentley Continental R

Bringing you our results of countless hours spent on eBay and forum classifieds.

Bentley has found tremendous success in recent years tweaking and repackaging Volkswagen Group products, but there was a time not long ago when the company spent its days playing with Rolls-Royce components instead. (more…)
October 14, 2010 at 06:43 PM
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