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Paintball Battle: Audi RS6 Avant Vs. Guy Who Knows Parkour (w/Video)

The winner? Well, take a guess.

For their latest installment in their video series where they combine RS-models and paintball, Audi set former Stig Ben Collins in an Audi RS6 Avant against parkour expert Damien Walters in a warehouse, gave them each a bunch of paint-filled eggs, and told them to see who could score more hits.

We don't want to spoil anything before you watch the video, but let's just say that, since a super-agile human would seem to have an advantage over a 15-foot-long, two-ton super sports wagon in this sort of thing, Audi gave Collins and the RS6 Avant a secret weapon. But you gotta watch it all the way through to find out what that is.

Bonus making-of video:

[via AudiChannel on YouTube]


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