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BY: Bix

2015 Ford Mustang Could Be 400 Pounds Lighter

And surprisingly narrow, too.

There was never any doubt in our minds that the new 2015 Ford Mustang (set to debut next year) was gonna be a fun drive. Nor that it would be anything but fast. One thing we didn't expect it would be, though, is light.

But it could be. Well, maybe not light per se—Ford's not going to turn the Mustang into a Miata competitor—but according to a report from Edmunds, the next Mustang could run around 400 pounds lighter than the current model—which works out to around a 10-12 percent weight deduction. Reducing the car's weight will have the two-pronged effect of both improving performance and fuel economy, which is better for pretty much everyone down the line. Especially Ford, who needs to make sure the new Mustang can meet rising fuel economy regulations for years to come.

The weight loss will reportedly be accomplished by using more lightweight materials than the current car—though don't expect to see any particularly exotic substances used in mass quantities in this Mustang. It does still need to turn a profit at $25,000 or so. The car will also, supposedly, save weight simply by having less car to grapple with; according to Edmunds's source, the 2015 Ford Mustang will be about 15 inches shorter and 6.5 inches more narrow than the current car—which would make it around 173 inches long and 67.4 inches wide. That would make the 2015 Mustang as long as a Porsche Cayman, and two inches more narrow than the Subaru BRZ—a width we find a little hard to believe. Guess we'll find out the truth next year... [via Edmunds]

Pictured: Pretty sweet rendering of the next Ford Mustang


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