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BY: Bix

Nismo Nissan GT-R Coming, Could Lap The ‘Ring In 7:18

Will you have the balls to handle a 570 hp Godzilla?

Just about everybody knows by now that the Nissan GT-R destroys tracks the way its kaiju namesake destroys Japanese cities. Back in April 2009, a GT-R ripped around the Nordschleife in 7:26.7—and that was the O.G. R35 GT-R with its 478 horsepower engine. It's been upgraded multiple times since then, so a 2014 model could probably knock a few seconds off that time. But if you're looking for One GT-R To Rule The 'Ring, then hold on for the NISMO GT-R.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn spilled the beans on the NISMO GT-R earlier this year, when he said, "It would be unthinkable for us to develop a range of Nismo road cars without including the GT-R. The GT-R Nismo will be special." But we didn't know how special—not until the crew at Top Gear caught word from Nissan that the car will lap the Nordschleife in less than 7:18. That'd make it faster than all but two production cars—the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition (7:14.64) and the Dodge Viper ACR (7:12.13). But the Viper's basically a street-legal race car, while the LFA Nürburgring, well, you're more likely to see Kanye West riding a unicycle down Rodeo Drive than you are to see one of them in the flesh. In terms of performance that's accessible and insane, the NISMO GT-R sounds like it'll be hard to beat.

Don't expect wild changes in the car compared to a regular GT-R. The power bump will be around 25 horses, to the 570 hp range, while the suspension will also be upgraded for improved handling. Oh, and Nissan says they pride themselves on making NISMO models look better than their regular counterparts; based on the transition from 370Z to NISMO 370Z, we'd say that means more air inlets, new spoilers front and rear at the very least. Look for the NISMO GT-R in the latter part of 2014. [via Top Gear]


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