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BY: Bix

The Yeah Right Files: Audi Planning Off-Road-Capable A9 Sedan

Because it worked so well for Subaru, right?

Every now and again, we come across an automotive rumor so wacky, so wild, that we have to double-check the date it first appeared to make sure it's not an expired April Fool's Day joke. The sort of rumor that leads us to drop a choice Super Troopers quote. These are the Yeah Right Files.

In today's installment: A little rumor from Auto Motor und Sport regarding a potential new range-topping flagship sedan for Audi, called the A9. BUt this new A9, according to the report, won't be based on the A8 platform as you might expect; instead, it'll be based on the Q7 SUV platform. Because the A9 will be an off-road sedan.

Yes, the A9 would reportedly actually be the A9 allroad—an off-road (or at least soft-road) capable four-door with skid plates and an increased ride height over a conventional sedan. It'll also, supposedly, come with a semi-autonomous driving system that not only allows the car to park itself, but also to drive itself under select circumstances. Oh, and it'll do all this by 2016, when it's supposed to arrive. Yeah, right. [via Auto Motor und Sport]

Pictured: Subaru's Outback Sport Utility Sedan, which was the last off-road sedan we could think of.


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