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BY: Bix

2014 BMW M5, M6 Score A Competition Package

You will want to check this option box.

The BMW M5 is only a year or so old, but the F10-model 5 Series it's based on has some decent miles under its belt. And with the regular old 5 Series due for a mid-life cycle refresh, it seems BMW said, "What the hell, let's spruce up the M5 and M6, too."

The big news, from a performance standpoint, for the 2014 M5 and M6 comes in the form of the Competition Package. It adds 15 horsepower to the twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8, pushing the output to 568 Imperial ponies; the Competition Package also brings with it stiffer ant-sway bars, new coil springs, new calibration for the dampers, a special tune for the Active M Differential in the rear, steering that's more direct and an even sportier Dynamic Mode for the stability control system. The tweaks make the car four-tenths of an inch lower than the regular M5—an affect set off by the unique 20-inch wheels that come with the package.

As a result of the performance changes, BMW says the Competition Package-equipped M5, M6 coupe and M6 Gran Coupe are each one-tenth of a second quicker from 0-62 mph, and two-tenths faster to a buck-twenty-four. That won't be enough to catch the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S-Model (or the Audi S6 and S7, let alone the RS7), but in order to realistically catch them, BMW M would probably have to go to all-wheel-drive—which they've said they have no intention of doing.

The 2014 M5 also picks up a very, very lightly revised front fascia (new slats in the grille), the new 2014 5 Series tail lamps, and the option of adaptive LED headlights. There's also a bunch of new paint colors, though none of them will make the M5 any faster. Check out the photo gallery above. [via BMW]


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