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Toyota FT 86 Open Is The FR-S Roadster You Can't Buy Yet

But when it does, watch out, Miata.

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Not every vehicle coming to the Geneva Motor Show is a high-horsepower wonder that costs as much as a house. Case in point: The Toyota FT 86 Open Concept, which is pretty much a dead ringer for the all-but-inevitable convertible roadster of the Scion FR-S.

Toyota claims the car’s development process still has a ways to go, with numerous factors still under consideration—making sure the balance isn’t drastically changed, the weight doesn’t balloon, the car’s chassis doesn’t feel like wet linguini, etc. On the last count, Toyota seems convinced there won’t be a problem—”The impact on structural rigidity of conversion to an open-topped bodyshell is not expected to be great,” the company said. However, it remains to be seen how cutting off the roof and adding a retractable canvas one (along with some structural bracing, rollover protection, etc.) will affect the car’s weight—while the FR-S is a blast to drive, it ain’t exactly jet-propelled, and any additional weight won’t help. But a few extra tenths on the run from 0-60 is a small price to pay for the wind in your hair. [via Autocar]


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