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Ferrari LaFerrari Behind-The-Scenes Video Is Your Friday Fun

Watch them making the magic.

Know how they say nobody wants to see the sausage being made? Well, when the tubular ground meat in question is Ferrari's kick-ass LaFerrari premiere video, that saying don't hold up. This making-of video showing Ferrari's hired videographer and photographers making LaFerrari's silver screen debut is a powerful exception to the rule.



Can we finally have that conversation about how not every new car video needs dubstep? Seriously—Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, everybody these days is making these dynamite car videos and layering "wop-wop-wop-vree" beats over it. There's a time and a place for dubstep: 4:30am, in an East Berlin nightclub illuminated by black lights and strobes, where the average blood alcohol content is 0.2 percent and Ecstacy is being spit out of Pez dispensers. Not in a video about a world-class sports car.

[via Ferrari on YouTube]


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