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BY: Bix

Scion FR-S Roadster Coming To, Yup, Geneva

Will car makers leave anything for the New York show?

It was only a matter of time before Toyota and/or Subaru trotted out an open-top version of the FR-S/BRZ/FT-86/GT 86/86. So no, we're not surprised to see that Toyota says they'll be bringing the concept version of the Scion FR-S roadster (well, they're calling it the FT-86 Open, and released the above illustration earlier this week) to the Geneva Motor Show. But we are surprised—well, maybe miffed is the better word—that they're bringing it to Geneva. Ferrari is debuting the Italian Jesus Supercar code-named F150, Lamborghini is unveiling an Aventador-based limited-run model that could be their fastest car ever, McLaren will finally show off the P1 in all its glory, and Porsche will apparently be pulling the wraps off the 991-series 911 GT3 there, too.

In that sort of heady company, it seems likely a compact 200 horsepower four-cylinder roadster like the FT-86 Open might be, well, overshadowed. Plus, showing off an economically-priced convertible in Geneva, Switzerland in March seems a tad counterintuitive, doesn't it?

Not that Toyota gives a crap what we think on these sort of matters, but for what it's worth, we think Toyota should have revealed the drop-top FR-S at our very own New York Auto Show, when the weather is warmer and it's less likely to be crowded out by insanely-fast supercars. But who knows? Maybe they'll bring the production version here, instead. [via Car and Driver]


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