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BY: Bix

Next BMW X6 Will Be Lighter, More Aggressive-Looking

As long as there’s an X6 M around to do ridiculous things in, we’ll be happy.

We;ve been going pretty heavy on supercar news lately, what with Detroit just in the rearview and the Geneva Motor Show coming up soon, so here's a little change of pace for everyone: some rumors about the next BMW X6.

According to Autocar, Britain's first name in entertaining anonymously-sourced future car rumors, the next-generation X6—based on a version of the platform that'll underpin the third-generation X5 expected to debut later this year—will be quite a bit lighter than the outgoing model, thanks in part to a composite steel structure that makes greater use of high-strength alloys and new axle assemblies that trade in the old mechanical torque-vectoring system for an electronically-based one. Any weight shaved would be weight gladly seen off; while it's not hurting for power, the current X6 weighs between 4784 and 5,324 pounds, depending on trim level.

The next X6 should look more badass and distinctive than the current car, which does kind of look like an X5 that briefly had a giant hot iron set on its rear end. With Audi and Mercedes-Benz believed to be planning moves into the four-door-sport-utility-coupe market, BMW can't afford to sit on its laurels—the next X6 is gonna have to work for its customers, and an edgier exterior should do plenty to help. Also helping: a taller body and a slightly longer wheelbase than the current car, which should mean more interior space.

Power should stay pretty much the same—turbocharged inline-sixes making around 300-350 horses, a regular turbo V8 making around 450, and an X6 M with a 550+ horsepower turbo V8. Combine these motors with the expected drop in weight, and the next X6 should be even more of a shocking rocket than the current car. [via Autocar]


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