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BY: Bix

Lamborghini’s Geneva Surprise Will Be Their Fastest Car Ever

Supposedly. We’re crossing our fingers.

We've heard Lamborghini plans on marking their 50th anniversary with more than just becoming a member of the AARP. Word is, Lamborghini is planning to reveal a special super-limited-edition car at the Geneva Motor Show in order to celebrate their big anniversary—and now we hear that this car might be the fastest Lamborghini ever.

The news comes from Australia's Drive, who picked the brains of Lamborghini's senior staff while at the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster launch in Miami—an event which, for the record, we were not invited to. Lamborghini R&D head Maurizio Reggiano was willing to spill a few beans, though.

"It will be a homologated car," he said—i.e. street-legal. But it'll be on the extreme end of the street-legalality spectrum, he adds: "We want to shock and reward." Somewhere between two and ten examples of the car will be built, all available for sale—Lamborghini, Reggiano says, has no intention of making concept cars that can't be purchased.

A couple well-informed posters on the Teamspeed forum have a little more information, some of which is also attributed to Reggiano: the car will be based on the Aventador, much like the Aventador J one-off was, but might well be a coupe.

It's not quite clear where Drive gets the news that the car will be the fastest Lamborghini ever, though, considering they don't cite the source of that little fact. However, the Aventador tops out at 217 mph, so we're guessing a stripped-down expensive version of it could become the fastest Lambo in history without much trouble. Whatever it's called, however it looks and no matter how fast it goes, expect to spend an ungodly amount of money to bring home this new Lamborghini. [via Teamspeed, Drive]

Pictured: Just some Lamborghini concept we found on Google. We popped it in here because, well, it looked kinda cool.


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