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Ferrari Enzo Goes Rallying, It's As Awesome As You Think (w/Video)

We humbly bow at the feet of this Ferrari-owning hoon.

A round of applause, everyone, for the driver (and owner, if they're two separate people) of this Ferrari Enzo. For anyone willing to tear up the dirt roads and backlots of a farm in a Ferrari Enzo deserves high praise, indeed. (There's a rumor the driver may be former FIA rally champion Harry Hunt, and if that's true, well, jolly well done, Harry.)

Yes, that's Ferrari's former line-topping supercar out there being tossed around crummy old farm roads like a $500 Impreza. Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not a replica built on a Corvette chassis. An honest-to-God Ferrari Enzo, worth all of $1.5 million or so. And since this video was made by the same guys who took a Rolls-Royce Phantom out a-rallying a while back, we're betting we may see more six-figure cars hooned about off-road in the near future.

[via YouTube]


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