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McLaren Gives Us A Look At The P1's Interior

Also reveals a 9,000 rpm redline. Oooooh...

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McLaren’s P1 supercar—the car that may just redefine the nature of production car performance, if the rumors are true—will be revealed in all its glory at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, March 5th, at 5:15am Eastern Standard Time. But since we car nuts are notoriously impatient, they’re giving us another sneak peek at it now—including our first glimpse of the interior.

McLaren has revealed that the P1 will make do with an all-digital dash readout, including a digital tachometer—the picture of which reveals that the McLaren P1‘s still-to-be-revealed engine will rev to around 9,000 rpm. McLaren also announced that the car will come with a so-called “Race mode,” which optimizes the car for insane track work by extending and optimizing the rear wing and activating shift lights on the dashboard (presumably among other features that McLaren will talk about later on). McLaren says to watch out for more details before the show; trust us, we’ll be watching and waiting.

[via McLaren]


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