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BY: Bix

C7 Corvette ZR1 Could Make 700 Horses; C7 Corvette Z06, 600 Horses


General Motors would be stupid not to bring back the Corvette Z06 and Corvette ZR1 models for the C7 generation model. And they're not stupid. They may have made some bad calls in the past, but they're not dumb. So the Z06 and the ZR1 will return.

But what they'll pack under the hood, well, that depends. According to Motor Trend, the C7 Corvette Z06 will indeed keep the beloved 7.0 liter LS7 V8; in fact, it'll even get a power boost. The exact size of that boost, though, will revolve around how much power the C7 Corvette ZR1 cranks out. Chevy is reportedly working on replacing the C6 ZR1's 621 horsepower supercharged LS9 V8 with a new forced-induction motor based on the 2014 Corvette Stingray's LT1 V8, which should indeed make a nice bit more juice than the old LS9; but since Chevrolet wants to keep a decent-sized gap between the Z06 and the ZR1, the C7 Corvette Z06's power output ultimately depends on just how many ponies the C7 Corvette ZR1's mill makes.

As Motor Trend puts it: "If the ZR1 makes 675 hp or so, the Z06 will get 550. If the ZR1 cracks 700 hp, the Z06 will crack 600." In that case, as fervent fans of both hi-po Corvettes (and all the horsepower we can have), we're firmly hoping the next ZR1 can be pushed past the 700 horsepower mark. Guess we'll see. [via Motor Trend]


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