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BY: Bix

Audi RS6 To Get Moar Power As The RS6 Avant Plus

A 600-plus horsepower draggin’ wagon? Of course we’re into it.

God bless the horsepower wars. The 552 horsepower output of Audi's new RS6 Avant might have seemed astronomical a few years ago, but today, it doesn't even make it the most powerful production station wagon on the planet—hell, not even the second-most powerful. So Audi's apparently about to up the game.

According to quattro GmbH head honcho Stephan Reil, Audi is poised to announce an RS6 Avant Plus model that'll sit above the regular RS6 Avant, and should arrive in one to two years. Reil didn't say just how many horses it would pack, but he did mention that the car would need at least an 8-10 percent horsepower boost to set it apart from the regular RS6—which would point to a power output of at least 596-607 horsepower. It's part of Audi's plan to offer more RS Plus models, as they're currently doing with the TT RS Plus and R8 V10 Plus. (We're sure that Mercedes-Benz's decision to offer the E63 AMG in regular and S Model levels had something to do with it, too.)

Expect to see more RS Plus models in the future—but they won't just be slightly more powerful versions of the RS cars. Reil says the RS Plus models could also gain performance by reducing weight instead, and that all RS Plus models will handle a little differently than their RS brethren. With that in mind, we're hoping Audi brings an RS7 Plus our way in 2014, complete with 610 horsepower V8 and a hundred pounds or so shaved off the body. [via CAR]

  • Mark Jawdoszyn says:
    February 6, 2013 at 10:02 am

    At this point if given the choice the decision goes to w213 e63. Newer tech, design w/ more power and 4matic not sure you can beat that especially since the C7 platform is two years old already and in two more years when this may be released it will already be at the end of it's life cycle. Also one is available stateside while the other will not be. So it makes the decision a bit easier.

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