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Porsche Gives Us Another Look At The Panamera Sport Turismo

A peek at the work that went into Porsche's latest concept car.

The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept was designed to give us a hint as to the future of Porsche design in general and the next-generation Panamera in particular. Obviosuly, the future of Porsche is a pretty big deal to us. So we're definitely interested to see Porsche's bigwigs explain just what went into the Panamera Sport Turimos' genesis.

And whaddya know—Porsche now has a video that details just that on their YouTube channel. Designers Michael Mauer and Mitja Borkert take us behind the scenes of the development process at Porsche's Weissach research and development center...which is the sort of tour we'll probably never have the chance to take in person, so you'll forgive us if we want to get right to it.

[via Porsche on YouTube]


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