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McLaren P1 Farts Fire, Nears Production

Hope you have your deposit ready.

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The McLaren P1 supercar is just about finished cooking—the design is pretty much locked in, as we found out when it popped by NYC for us to see it, and the final production model is expected to show up at the Geneva Motor Show in March. But cooking a delicate supercar requires constant, steady heat, so McLaren has released a few new pictures (and a video) to keep the fire burning.

Based on the media shown here, we can infer two things: The McLaren P1 will be goddamn insane to drive, and McLaren has long since passed the need to wrap the P1 in any sort of camouflage. Or maybe they’re just testing out a new potential livery: The Camouflage Package. If Porsche is going to offer Martini livery for the 918 Spyder, why can’t McLaren dress up their supercar in prototype colors?

[via McLaren]


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