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Hey Kids, It's Another C7 Corvette Image Leak

All there's left to do now is see the actual pictures.

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The new C7 Corvette drops in only 11 days, which means the rate of leaked images should be reaching its maximum right about now. And look, what’s this—a bunch of leaked drwings from the C7’s owner’s manual. Right on schedule.

The new pictures made their way to the Internet in the usual way—released onto a forum, then quickly taken down, but only after other blogs and websites had the chance to save them and repost them….just as we’re doing now. The images give us a crude look at the car’s side profile, rear view, and interior, allowing us our best look yet at the C7 Corvette’s edgy, sleek styling. We’re hoping these shots are a very poor approximation of the interior, because their general button shapes, trim and bland gray coloring give us flashbacks to GM’s horrific interiors of the 1990s.

The 2014 Corvette will be officially revealed on January 13th, but we have the feeling we’ll see it leaked before then. Watch this space. We’ll bring you all the C7 Corvette goodness as we learn of it. [via Car and Driver]


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