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BY: Bix

Ferrari Chairman Spills The Beans On The Car Maker’s Future

What won’t be made, what will be made, and when we can expect it.

Few two-word phrases give us quite the same little thrill as "future Ferraris." (Among the others: "future Porsches," "Jessica Biel" and "It's negative.") So we were happy to hear that Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo was happy to talk future Ferrari model plans at the Detroit Auto Show.

Di Montezemolo told Auto Motor und Sport that Ferrari has no plans for a crossover SUV or sedan, as they're not "emotional" enough. Should you desire something along those lines, he invites you to walk across the showroom to the Maserati side of the building, where they'll be happy to sell you a Quattroporte or Levante. Ferrari will stick with selling two-door models that mix driving excitement with high performance...or, basically, the same old same old.

However, di Montezemolo did have a couple details to reveal about cars Ferrari will make. The F70/F150/Italian Jesus Supercar will be revealed in February (possibly just to potential owners, but maybe to the public as a whole), while multiple variations on the California will make their way down the line soon as well. Turbocharged Californias? Supercharged Californias? California coupes? we'll just have to wait and see. [via WorldCarFans]


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