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Acura NSX Concept II: Now With An Interior

The slow NSX tease continues.

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Acura’s next NSX was revealed in concept form at least year’s Detroit Auto Show, and since then, it’s been making the auto show rounds (and popping up on the Super Bowl broadcast and in The Avengers, but that’s neither here nor there) as Honda tries to keep excitement stoked about their hybrid super sports car that’s still a few years away. So for the new NSX Concept’s one-year anniversary, they showed off its interior.

Well, to be honest, they showed off a new version of the Acura NSX Concept, this time complete with an interior that Honda describes as a “one possible direction” for the production NSX’s interior. Based on the images we see of it here, we’re guessing the average NSX buyer would be plenty happy with this Ferrari-esque interior. We certainly would be. Acura says it’s based around the theme of a “Human Support Cockpit” with a “Simple Sports Interface,” which sounds like a lot of buzzwords for “a well-designed interior.”

the Acura NSX Concept II also offers a more production-ready version of the car’s styling; if it looks pretty much just like the first concept to you, well, consider that a sign that the new NSX’s looks shouldn’t change much between concept and production. As it’s based on a prototype version of the actual NSX chassis, the proportions and details alike should translate pretty easily from the car you see here to the road. As long as the performance of the hybrid-V6-Super-Handling AWD super sports car lives up to the looks, we’ll be happy. [via Acura]


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