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Jaguar Invites Three Racing Gurus To Drive The New F-Type

Spoiler alert: They like it.

If you're looking for the sports car equivalent of a celebrity endorsement, the best people to ask are racing drivers. They have credibility in spades, and once they hit the age of 40 or so, they'll say pretty much anything you want for money. (Not that every car needs that sort of guarantee, but it's nice to know.)

So to give the new F-Type a little performance cred boost (on account of no one outside the company having driven it yet), Jaguar flew Christian Danner, Martin Brundle and Justin Bell out to the track in order to let them try the new F-Type. They had nothing but nice things to say, which was probably in part due to the editing, but we're betting they were pretty damn impressed with the car too. Check out the video below.

[via YouTube]


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