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Ferrari Shows Us The F70 (Or F150, Or Enzo Successor, Or Whatever)

We don't know what it's called, but now we have an idea what it looks like.

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So it turns out that picture that was snuck out of a Ferrari presentation in Valencia, Spain last month was indeed a picture of the Ferrari Enzo’s successor after all. How do we know? Because Ferrari just officially released the exact same picture. Plus, they’re giving us a look at the back of the car, too.

This images of the Italian Jesus Supercar are still coated in shadows, so they don’t give everything away, but they’re clear enough to give us a decent idea what the car will look like—clear enough so that if you saw it on the street, you’d be able to ID it from these pictures. Look closely, and you can make out F12berlinetta-esque headlights, a big air-sucking grille, swoopy fenders, the F12’s F1-inspired “cell phone” rear light, and apparently, no place to mount a rear license plate. Because only “norms” need to register their cars.

We also stumbled across a little infographic from what appears to be a Ferrari presentation, comparing the new car—which, if the picture is legit—is internally referred to as “F150.” The graphic actually reveals some fascinating information—like, for example, that the new car will weigh the same as the Enzo (despite the addition of HY-KERS), will be around five seconds faster around Fiorano than its predecessor, and about two seconds quicker from 0-124 mph than the Enzo. Which means the F150/F70/Italian Jesus Supercar should have a curb weight of around 3,200 pounds, round Fiorano in about 1’20”, and dash from 0 to 124 in about eight seconds.

One big question that remains, though, is just what the car will be called. We can all but guarantee it won’t be called F150—the whole Ford vs. Ferrari battle over Maranello’s similarly-named F1 car settled that. F70 sounds too cliche at this point, and as much as we’d be honored, we don’t seem them putting “Italian Jesus Supercar” on a registration plaque. We think they should just go really simple, and just call it “The Ferrari.” [via FerrariChat]

  • Ron says:
    December 14, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    It's like they're trying to goad Ford into another lawsuit. While I enjoy Ferrari's products, their arrogance never ceases to surprise me. The dynamic performance of the Ford F150 may not match any Ferrari but their annual sales is definitely several times Ferrari's entire line.

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