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BY: Bix

Aston Martin & AMG Might Join Forces. We Think They Should.

Call it automotive mutualism.

Reports of a potential liason between Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin have been bouncing around for a while now. We heard that Aston Martin might build a new Lagonda SUV on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class platform, then we heard that Aston Martin might be called in to lend their expertise to building future Maybachs (which, obviously, is out of the question now that Maybach is dead). But the rumors of a collaboration have taken an interesting turn now that Italian equity firm Investindustrial has bought a big chunk of Aston Martin, as Investindustrial has close ties with Mercedes-Benz and AMG. And we think that's a good thing. In fact, we think an AMG/Aston Martin team-up might be the best thing for both brands. Here's why.

We've been lucky enough to spend some time behind the wheels of both Astons and AMGs this year, and each of them has distinct strengths and weaknesses. Aston Martins are utterly beautiful cars filled with character and soul, but frankly, they suck to drive compared with the cars they compete with. The controls are heavy and indirect, the electronics difficult to use by today's modern Apple-driven standards. They're a strictly emotional argument. If you're looking for something that'll break 150 with ease and will draw stares anywhere you go, an Aston is a great car. If you love driving, though, it's hard to make an argument for it over a Porsche or a Ferrari.

AMGs, on the other hand, are all raw power, crushing torque, and taut handling, with supercar-rivalling performance out of cars you'd never expect to be capable of such feats. But apart from the SLS AMG, every AMG car is built off the body of a regular Mercedes-Benz. In some cases, they can be damn sexy (see the CLS63) or intimidating (see the C63 AMG Black Series), but they still look pretty conventional by luxury car standards.

But if you could merge the strengths of the two brands...well, you'd have something exceptional. Imagine a lineup of cars will Aston Martin's grace and sex appeal, but powered by 500+ horsepower twin turbo AMG V8s and 650-700 horsepower twin-turbo AMG V12s. Imagine having access to AMG's superior gearboxes, instead of the crappy single-clutch sequential manuals and generic six-speed automatics Aston Martin uses today. Imagine Mercedes-Benz reliability and ease of use behind all those gorgeous Aston Martin controls. Imagine Aston's engineers and designers helping develop future generations of the SLS family, bringing carbon fiber expertise and classic beauty to AMG's grunty sports cars. It'd be a match made in heaven. We hope they decide to go for it. [via Autocar]


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