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SEMA 2012 Day Three: The Last Big Day

The show winds down, but there are still plenty of cars left to see.

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The SEMA trade show technically runs for four days, but by the end of the third day, if you haven’t seen all the cars worth seeing, you’re just being downright lazy. So today’s gallery will makr the last of our daily updated from the show.

We were still able to scrounge up our fair share of sweet cars for our third daily gallery, though. Tony Stark’s Acura not-quite-an-NSX from The Avengers, a RAUH-Welt-ish 911 widebody, a damn fine matte black C63 AMG Black Series on gold Vossens, and the world’s craziest survival vehicle—all of them and more are tucked away in the gallery. So check it out, and if you see anything you really like, let us know.