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Porsche Probably Bringing New Cayman To L.A. Auto Show

In fact, somebody already grabbed pictures of it.

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Update: An Instagram user caught the new Cayman under the barest of neigligee (really, more pasties than anything else) in Los Angeles, so we’re pretty much considering it a lock that the car will appear at the auto show.

In a hardly unexpected but still delightful announcement, Porsche says they’ll be debuting a new compact sports car at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 28th. If you’re thinking it’ll be the new Cayman, you’re almost certainly right.

Porsche’s future model plans are pretty well-known to people like us (i.e. enthusiasts who obsess over every Porsche rumor and announcement), and the only other “compact sports car” Porsche has in the works, as far as we know, is the 550/baby Boxster roadster—and that project has likely been delayed until the latter half of this decade. The last-generation Cayman debuted about a year after the related model of Boxster, and the current (981) generation of the Boxster made its first appearance back in January, so the timeline is about right for a new Cayman. Also, the teaser image Porsche sent out in a VIP invitation to the event (seen above) looks an awful lot like the front fascia of a Boxster, and the Boxster and Cayman tend to be very similar around that part of the body.

Expect images with similar (but possibly slightly uprated) outputs compared to the 261 horsepower Boxster and the 311 horsepower Boxster S, along with seven-speed PDK and six-speed manual transmission choices. Also expect handling that borders on the insanely competent, along with the latest installment of the argument about whether the Cayman or the 911 is truly the best Porsche made today.

Porsche will also use the L.A. Auto Show to make the North American debut of the new 911 Carrera 4 and 4S, just in time for winter sales to kick off. We’re not quite sure if you really need AWD on a car with the electronic and mechanical control of the 991-series 911 (at least until you reach the Turbo levels of power), but if that sort of thing is your bag, baby, we won’t judge. [via Porsche]

Press Release:

News Release November 9, 2012

On the path to success in the world’s largest Porsche market
Two Premieres Planned for 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

Atlanta. Porsche is continuing its sustained success in the U.S. with a world premiere and a North American premiere planned for the upcoming 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The U.S. continues to be Porsche’s largest market, with more than 28,226 vehicles delivered in the first ten months of this year. This represents a gain of 13 percent compared to last year during the same period, when 24,934 vehicles were sold. In October 2012 alone, 3,211 Porsche cars were delivered to customers in the U.S., a substantial increase of 41 percent over last October.

The world premiere of a compact sports car at the Los Angeles Auto Show will add impetus to this trend. Porsche will reveal the new vehicle to international media at 12:05 pm on Nov. 28 during a press conference at the Porsche show stand.

Celebrating its North American debut at the show is the 911 Carrera 4, which is distinguished by its prominent broad rear section and a red light strip between the rear lights. The typical Porsche all-wheel drive layout, which emphasizes power to the rear wheels, guarantees maximum driving performance on a wide variety of road surfaces and in all weather conditions. The 911 Carrera 4 was unveiled at the Paris International Motor Show in September.

With these two U.S. sports car premieres, Porsche hopes to generate ideal conditions for continued sales success and growth in the world’s largest Porsche market.


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