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BY: Bix

Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package: 77 Pounds Less, $84K More

Sacrificing cash and comfort for speed. A worthy cause, no?

It took us some time to warm to the idea of Porsche's next supercar being a plug-in hybrid, but by this point, we're pretty excited about the new 918 Spyder. We're also excited about anything that'll make the 800 horsepower super-Porsche faster—so when we first heard the car would be offered with an option weight-savings package that made it faster around the Nürburgring, we were intrigued.

Well, details about the 918 Spyder's weight-reducing Weissach Package, as it's called, have finally reached the web. Checking the box for the Weissach pack drops the car's weight by 77 pounds, thanks to greater use of titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, and ceramics than the "base" car. 30 pounds put of that reduction comes from switching to magnesium wheels, while another five pounds comes from replacing the paint with a wrap like the Martini number seen above (though Porsche is still ironing out the kinks with that plan). Inside, additional carbon fiber and fake suede help differentiate the cabin from the non-Weissach 918 Spyders. The package reportedly chops about two seconds off the car's Nordschleife lap time, but those figures aren't finalized, from what we hear.

Now for the heavy stuff: that Labrador Retriever's worth of weight savings adds an additional $84,000 onto the 918 Spyder's price tag. Looking at it in context of the base model, that's only another 10 percent of the base price. Looking at it another way, though, that's about 80-160 actual Labrador Retrievers. But the average 918 Spyder buyer can probably afford both the Weissach-equipped car and as many Labs as he or she wants, so it's largely an academic decision.

The Weissach Package, as it turns out, isn't the only pricey option on the 918 Spyder order sheet. Onyx black "authentic" leather with green piping costs $26,000; the Speed Charging Station goes for $22,100; a custom luggage set will set you back $19,900; a front-axle lifting system goes for $10,500. Oh, and the Liquid Metal Chrome Blue paint costs $63,000. Tick off the options, and you can easily drop more than $1 million on a 918 Spyder. Logic does not apply to the realm of supercar pricing. [via Teamspeed, Teamspeed]


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