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Oh Look, It's The Front Of The New Chevrolet SS Sedan

It's just stuck on a NASCAR body.

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  • 2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS race and team cars
  • 2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS race car
  • 2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS race car
  • 2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS race car
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  • 2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS team car

Yep, that face you see there is the face of the next all-American V8 rear-wheel-drive performance sedan from Chevrolet, to be known as the SS when it arrives in showrooms next year. The rest of the car, though, is just the same old NASCAR Car of Tomorrow.

The painted-on front fascia of the 2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS, revealed today in Las Vegas, gives us a look at what the 2014 Chevrolet SS performance sedan should look like, but we still have to wait until next February to see the actual production car—it’s expected to make its debut at Daytona Speed Week on February 21st, the same day its Australian sibling, the next-gen Holden Commodore, makes itself known to the world. Expect the production car to be roughly the size of an Impala, with a small-block V8 and (hopefully) a six-speed manual. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of next year’s most-awaited NASCAR car. [via General Motors]


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