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Camo-Clad C7 Corvette Pops Up In Gran Turismo 5

An unexpected good look at the hottest car of January 2013.

We've been following the C7 Corvette with all the enthusiasm you'd expect from a magazine that mentioned Corvettes on the cover five times out of a total run of 15 issues. We've been reading other people's reports about the car, studying GM's details about the new fifth-generation small-block that'll power it, and poring over spy photos when we see them. But now we've found, arguably, our best look at the C7 Corvette from an unexpected source: Gran Turismo 5.

Apparently, a camouflaged C7 has been tucked away as an Easter Egg in the racing game's latest update—not as a drivable vehicle, just as a static model (or so it appears). It doesn't reveal all that much—they need to save something for the car's debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, after all—but it does give us a comprehensive look around the new 'Vette—a good enough peek to bump our heart rate up by a good ten BPM. Check it out below.

[via Jalopnik]


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