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SEMA 2012, Day Two: Grindin' It Out

We try to distract ourselves with cazy cars, hoonigans, and racing.

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  • DNI_block-vegas-497
  • DSC_0011
    Former 0-60 managing editor Matt Tuccillo chats with Ken Block during a break in GRC Las Vegas.
  • DSC_0020
    Fun fact: You can't hear it, but each GRC car's horn plays "Dixie."
  • DSC_0251
  • DSC_0249
    Volvo C30 Polestar.
  • DSC_0209
  • DSC_0204
  • DSC_0199
    Hey, that's my last name. That must be for me, then.
  • DSC_0082
    Like a boss.
  • DSC_0198
    F10 M5 with a roll cage. Extra dope.
  • DSC_0182
  • DSC_0167
    RAUH-Welt 993 makes our hearts skip a beat.
  • DSC_0214
  • DSC_0164
  • DSC_0136
    Ken prepares to give 0-60's Jonathan Millstein a ride.
  • DSC_0139
    Launch mode: Engage.
  • DSC_0130
    Gitten R. Done.
  • DSC_0122
  • DSC_0115
  • DSC_0113
  • DSC_0040
    Awkward photo time.
  • DSC_0102
  • DSC_0232
  • DSC_0100
  • DSC_0095
  • DSC_0086
  • DSC_0081
  • DSC_0080
  • DSC_0079
  • DSC_0071
    The 2013 Viper is an expert at blending into its surroundings.
  • DSC_0046
    Mopar alley.
  • DSC_0042
  • DSC_0043
  • DSC_0034
  • DSC_0032

Honest confession alert. If I’m being completely open, I—and I think several other 0-60 staffers—feel a little guilty about being at SEMA right now. As a bunch of New Yorkers, it’s hard to not be a bit uncomfortable checking out six-figure custom cars, going for rides with Vaughn Gitten Jr. and Ken Block and eating steak dinners while our city digs itself out from the worst natural disaster to hit it since before Henry Hudson said, “Hey, this looks like a nice spot.”

But here we are, and since we’re here, we shall keep calm and carry on. What else can we do?

And since you can’t make it out here, we offer up this photo gallery as a bit of escapism from these trying times we find ourselves in. We wish you were here; we wish we were there. But as they say here in Vegas, the hand you’re dealt is the hand you’re dealt.


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