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Chevy's First C7 Corvette Teaser Released (w/Video)

A sneak peak at the next generation of the American sports car.

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  • corvette-mirror
    Side view mirror.
  • corvette-quad-pipes
    Quad tail pipes.
  • corvette-side-
    Quarter panel?

We know the date the C7-generation Corvette will be revealed: January 13th, 2013. Now Chevrolet’s giving us our first official sneak peek at what the car will look like. But you’re gonna have to look close.

The brief teaser video Chevrolet threw up on YouTube is an exercise in minimalism: black and white footage of hard-working designers, serious-looking engineers and grim-faced test drivers each playing their role in the creation of the new Corvette, all concluded with a few split-second glimpses of the car’s details. We’ve grabbed a few details for the gallery above, but your best bet at seeing it is the video below. Or, if you really hate teasers, just wait about 12 weeks.

[via Chevrolet on YouTube]


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