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BY: Bix

Seriously, Lamborghini May Be Planning A Four-Door Aventador

The Aventador-dor-dor-dor?

Lamborghini has always been at their best when they make like Tony Montana and push it to the limit. The Miura, the Countach, the LM002—they were all slightly (or extremely mad) ideas at the time that turned into legends later in life. So we're actually kind of excited to see how Lamborghini's rumored four-door Aventador turns out. It's so crazy it just might work.

We first reported that Lamborghini was considering building a four-door version of their most raging bull back in June, when Automobile claimed the car maker was hard at work developing a concept version of the Aventador with an extended wheelbase, RX8-style rear suicide doors a pair of small seats between the grown-ups and the 691 hp V12 and slightly more family-friendly styling. At the time, it just seemed like another nutty rumor, like JFK being an alien or Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan for his running mate. We didn't think that much of it

But now there's another report confirming Lamborghini's development of the odd duck Aventador, from the gang over at CAR. They confirm the basic details of the Automobile report, including its likely debut at next year's Geneva Motor Show, while also speculating on the car's production possibilities. As they put it, it's less a question of physically producing a mid-engined 2+2, and more about whether it's a road Lamborghini really wants to go down. For what it's worth, we think it would have made a lot more sense for Lambo just to build the Estoque super-sedan instead of the Urus SUV and a four-door coupe Aventador. But Lamborghini has never been about sense, and that's why we love them. [via CAR]

Image via LamboCars.com


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