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BY: Bix

2013 Porsche 911 GT3 Expected To Debut March 2013

The best 991 yet likely to make a Geneva Motor Show debut.

The Geneva Motor Show is always a favorite of ours—mostly because of the onslaught of high-performance European iron that debuts there every year. And it looks like 2013 will be no exception. We already heard a report that leads us to believe Ferrari will release their Italian Jesus Supercar at the show; now it looks like the 991-generation of the Porsche 911 GT3 will make its debut there as well. Sweet.

Spy photos of nearly complete, barely disguised 911 GT3s have been popping up with increasing regularity lately, as you can see here. As the link shows, expect an aggressive front fascia and centrally-mounted twin pipes and a big fixed wing out back. We're also expecting a 3.8 liter boxer six beneath that wing, probably cranking out around 450-475 horsepower. Combine that with a lighter curb weight when compared to the Carrera S, and you have the formula for a lot of childlike glee.

The big 991 GT3 question, though, remains just what sort of transmission will link that motor to the rear wheels. Porsche 911 project chief August Achleitner stated back in February that, while Porsche is testing GT3 prototypes with both PDF and manual transmissions, only one transmission would end up in the production car. Since then, most of the GT3 prototypes seen on the road of have appeared to be PDF models, which would seem to imply that's the direction Porsche plans on taking the car. So why do we think there's doubt about the car's transmission? Faith, really. We just don't want the GT3 to go all-flappy-paddle on us. [via Teamspeed]


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