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BY: Bix

Scuderia-Style Ferrari 458 To Be Called “Monte Carlo”?

What’s next, the Ferrari FF Caprice?

Here's a quick oddity from the Friday rumor mill: according to a report from Autoblog Netherlands, the lighter, more potent version of the Ferrari 458 Italia will be known as the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo. Guess they're aiming for the NASCAR crowd.

Unlike Porsche and their cross-generational high-performance nomenclature—i.e. GT2, GT3, GT2 RS, GT3 RS—Ferrari likes to pick new names for each generation of higher-performance variants. The hotter 360 was called the Challenge Stradale, the up-temp F430 was the Scuderia, and the spiciest 599 was the 599 GTO. So it makes sense that Ferrari would choose a new name for the more track-oriented version of the 458, which will reportedly pack 612 horsepower.

But seriously, Monte Carlo? We get what they were aiming to invoke—yachts, millionaires, the Monaco Grand Prix—but here in the States, calling a car the Monte Carlo is only going to summon up imagery of bloated General Motors coupes. The sooner we can toss this rumor in the trash, the better. [via Autoblog.nl, WorldCarFans]

  • Ronnie says:
    August 31, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    They may want to check with the trademark office first this time. So they don't end up with something like their F150 debacle.

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